Hazardous Waste Removal

Laconia, NH

Project Highlights

  • Rapid response to provide technical direction and support for soil contamination discovered during re-development of former manufacturing facility
  • Oversaw the removal and coordinated the offsite incineration of hazardous waste at a facility in Canada
  • Long-term monitoring of chlorinated solvent plume with bedrock wells
  • On behalf of the Laconia Area Community Land Trust, Inc. (LACLT), Endpoint Personnel managed and oversaw the completion of a soil removal remedial action of hazardous waste and soil contaminated with tetrachloroethylene (PCE).  Hazardous waste and contaminated soil was removed from the property and transported to a facility in Canada for incineration.  Endpoint Personnel managed the documentation between the U.S. EPA office in Washington D.C. and the Canadian Environmental Protection Division to allow for the exportation of the hazardous material to Canada.  Endpoint Personnel helped LACLT apply for Brownfield designation and the Covenant Not to Sue.  Endpoint Personnel completed a Remedial Action Plan (RAP) and Supplemental Site Investigation (SSI) Plan that was approved by NHDES.  The SSI included installation of two bedrock wells using air rotary drilling techniques.  As part of the RAP, a Groundwater Management Zone was delineated and a Groundwater Management Permit was applied for and obtained from NHDES.  Indoor air sampling was conducted in a basement of a building located within the Groundwater Management Zone to assess indoor air quality.  This site has been redeveloped into low-income residential housing.