Former Industrial Facility


EndPoint is directing the investigation of an industrial MCP site contaminated by heavy metals (antimony, cadmium, nickel, lead).  Poor ‘house-keeping’ practices of a former owner had resulted in burial of waste over a wide area, both within and beyond the property boundaries.  Because a pond is located less than one hundred feet from the site, the environmental investigation also included testing of sediment and surface water in the pond and evaluation of ecological impacts.  A preliminary soil removal program was implemented by James Young as LSP of Record for this site, which mitigated some impacts, and further assessment is required to determine future response actions, which may include in-situ stabilization.  The soil removal efforts included adapting field activities to accommodate the presence of previously-unidentified buried asbestos waste, and the soil removal effort was coordinated with two different regulatory authorities, while maintaining the field schedule.  Soil characterization was completed to classify soil for disposal at three different types of receiving facilities.



  • Completed soil removal event despite unanticipated discovery of asbestos debris buried with chemical waste.  Successfully minimized delays while satisfying asbestos health & safety requirements and obtaining necessary asbestos excavation and disposal permits.
  • Soil removal event was successful in mitigating metals concentrations in both soil and groundwater.
  • Completed detailed site background research leading to identification of additional Responsible Parties.