Hazardous Material Survey

Laconia, NH

Project Highlights

  • Hazardous Materials survey for renovation of former school
  • Identified funding support for client with NHDES Brownfields funding program for the removal of a UST and asbestos
  • Touted as a Brownfields success story by both NHDES and EPA
  • Endpoint Personnel managed and oversaw the completion of a hazardous material survey of an old school building.  The client planned to renovate the site into affordable housing units for the community.  The hazardous materials survey included an asbestos inspection and lead-based paint inspection, as well as other suspect hazardous materials.  The survey identified floor drains that were investigated further using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to identify the terminus of the floor drains.  The GPR survey was also used to determine the dimensions of the on site UST.  Endpoint Personnel prepared specifications for the removal of asbestos, lead-based paint awareness, and removal of hazardous materials including the UST.  Endpoint Personnel provided bid document review support. Endpoint Personnele managed the removal of asbestos and the UST for the project.  Because the project was a Brownfield redevelopment site, Endpoint Personnel discussed the site on the behalf of the client with NHDES to request funding support for the project.  NHDES accepted the project into their Brownfields program that is supported by the US EPA and provided funding support to help with the removal of the UST and asbestos.  This project was a touted success story by both NHDES and EPA for their respective Brownfields programs.