MCP Response Actions

Brookline, MA

Project Highlights

  • Communicated indoor air impacts and environmental cleanup approaches with property owners in a way they could understand and be comfortable with
  • Performed investigation and cleanup leading to a Class A-2 RAO within 60 days to meet MCP deadline
  • Met cleanup objectives of MCP, current property owner, new property owner, and insurance company
  • EndPoint staff performed an Immediate Response Action at a residential property in Brookline, Massachusetts in response to a release of home heating oil from an abandon underground storage tank.  The underground storage tank was discovered during a home inspection performed as part of a purchase and sales agreement associated with the property. Oil and contaminated water was released from the tank during its removal, at which time, the release was reported to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection as a 72-hour reportable condition.

    EndPoint staff developed an iterative investigation and cleanup strategy that allowed for limited investigation to assess if soil removal was necessary and to determine if the oil release had reached ground water. A quick response mitigated the migration of released oil and contaminated water to ground water thus eliminating expensive ground water investigation and possibly cleanup. Contaminated soil was removed and safely disposed at an asphalt batching plant followed by the backfilling of the excavation with clean soil.  Post removal soil sampling demonstrated that remaining soil was below acceptable health-based regulatory cleanup standards and that the extent of the release was above the water table. A feasibility analysis was performed to demonstrate that it was safe and not feasible to remove remaining impacted soil that was below 3 feet in depth, thus eliminating additional cost associated with additional cleanup.

    A Class A-2 Response Action Outcome Statement was submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection within 60 days to eliminate the costs associated with preparing an IRA Plan and IRA Completion Report, and to eliminate the RAO transmittal fee. The quick cleanup and RAO transmittal also allowed the sale of the property to move forward on schedule. The buyer of the property hired an independent consultant to review our work product, conclusions, and RAO statement. The independent consultant did not find deficiencies in our work product and conclusions, allowing the sale of the property to move forward as planned.