Services associated with above-ground and underground petroleum and chemical bulk storage systems fall under three categories:

  1. regulatory compliance,
  2. release investigation, and
  3. cleanup of environmental contamination.

Regulatory compliance services are structured to either bring an underground storage tank (UST) or an above-ground storage tank (AST) system into compliance with applicable local, state or federal regulations, or to develop plans that will minimize storage tank releases or quickly address releases, if they occur.  Site investigation services typically include assessment of release extent and risk to human health, safety or the environment.  Storage tank release cleanup services are designed to quickly and efficiently respond and contain a release as well as develop cleanup goals and monitoring methods to address environmental impacts and risk.

Key UST and AST services include:

  • Tank inspection and integrity testing for leaks;
  • AST and UST system permitting;
  • Removal and regulatory closure of active or abandoned UST and AST systems;
  • Preparation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plans for active AST systems;
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention (SWPP) Plans for facilities that contain AST systems;
  • Evaluation of UST and AST releases to the environment and whether a release is reportable under state or federal environmental regulations;
  • Negotiation of property-specific cleanup “end points” and response action plans with environmental regulators;
  • Excavation and disposal of contaminated soil; and
  • Design, installation, and operation of remedial systems and monitoring plans.